Drupal 7 node gallery with plupload but no upload [solution]

Another note-to-self – and maybe / hopefully somebody else might also find this note useful…

The problem: The Drupal 7 module “node gallery” installed just fine and is running well. Additionally I installed the Plupload module for drag’n’drop and multi-file upload functionality – but no upload form / no upload option at all is actually happening.

Solution: there is a misleading detail in the readme.txt that comes with the module – or actually in the file structure / naming that comes with the module Plupload:

The installation instructions in readme.txt suggest that you need to upload the file plupload.full.js – but at the suggested location there is instead the minimized version of that file plupload.full.min.js.




The module will perfectly work if you first rename the file. So all you would have to do is remove the “.min” from the file name and upload the file – and everything is fine. The module works as intended and there you’ll have your drag’n’drop- and mupload functionality.

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