Welcome to cpu20.com.

I’m a freelance web-designer / web-developer – both front- and beck-end. I mostly work together with my partner Nii… Together we design and develop websites “from soup to nuts”. We have a cozy little studio / office/ work room in Berlin-Mitte. Sometimes I also work together with other designers, developers, programmers as most freelancers in web-design and web-developing probably do.

We often work with open source tools such as WordPress and Drupal, but over the years we have also developed our own ‘tool box’ which lets us build custom Content Management Systems for our clients. Sooner or later I should probably also call myself IT consultant.

On cpu20.com I’m sharing some small little how-to’s and snippets that come across my path when working on websites and/or helping out others. Over the years I have learnt a lot reading other people’s how-to’s and snippets and I hope this way I can ‘give back’ something to the community and maybe also help other people, noobs, colleagues and friends to get the one or the other task done, the one or the other problem solved, the one or the other website built. Or as Anonymous put it: “United as One, Divided by Zero“.

Please feel free…

Best regards, t.

Tools / platforms I use:

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