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Drupal: how to re-order Scald Contexts editor-friendly

I use the Scald module on some projects to add images to a CKEditor powered text field. I like the Scald module very much. It gives the editor the freedom or re-using images or actually all kinds of meda across the website while providing a media pool for easy access to all previously uploaded media. […]

Drupal CKEditor Custom Text Styles

Usually you should be able to add the ‘Styles’ button to your prefered CKEditor Profile by drag’n’drup in the ‘appearance’ section of the corresponding CKEditor profile. Then you could customize the ckeditor.styles.js which should be located in sites/all/mytheme/ckeditor.styles.js –– BUT there is an incompatibility between jQuery and the CKEditor Profile editor. So in order to […]

jquery: how to unwrap text if a link href is corrupt (“un-link”)

Sometimes you may need to unwrap some text from an html element – with jQuery you can do it even after the document is already rendered. Over the years the free JavaScript library jQuery has become very popular among both web designers and web developers. For some it es something like the Swiss Army Knife […]

Scald: theming atom reference images – where to find image path

For a Drupal 7 project I use the image and assets management module Scald. I find the handling of module rather comfortable: it lets the editor choose so called media atom from a media pool and insert them into CKEditor either by drag’n’drop, or by using the ‘insert’ funtionality of Scald. The module comes along […]

Drupal: CKEditor toolbar inactive for other roles than ‘administrator’

I suppose it probably is some permissions problem. …to be continued… CKEditor for Drupal 7 Installation Process (Open Source Version) http://docs.cksource.com/CKEditor_for_Drupal/Open_Source/Drupal_7/Installation How To Set Up the CKEditor Module In Drupal http://tomandcrystal.com/how_to_set_up_the_ckeditor_module_in_drupal

Drupal: SCALD modal window loading problem [solved]

The SCALD modal window ‘loading’ wasn’t loading. It took a couple of days (hours) and an embarassing long discussion on drupal.org to find the error – which was not an error. It was ‘just’ a problem of re-declaring something, that was already declared before. The short version: “The WYSIWYG module was detected. Using both modules […]

Drupal: cancel button on edit node page

Are you missing a Cancel Button in your Drupal installation? Great. I know the feeling. But as they say: there’s a module for that. For many Drupal related tasks there is already a module available at drupal.org. But some essential tasks can be so ‘small’ that the related module would be even smaller – documenting […]

Drupal 7 node gallery with plupload but no upload [solution]

Another note-to-self – and maybe / hopefully somebody else might also find this note useful… The problem: The Drupal 7 module “node gallery” installed just fine and is running well. Additionally I installed the Plupload module for drag’n’drop and multi-file upload functionality – but no upload form / no upload option at all is actually […]