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Drupal: how to re-order Scald Contexts editor-friendly

I use the Scald module on some projects to add images to a CKEditor powered text field. I like the Scald module very much. It gives the editor the freedom or re-using images or actually all kinds of meda across the website while providing a media pool for easy access to all previously uploaded media. […]

Scald: theming atom reference images – where to find image path

For a Drupal 7 project I use the image and assets management module Scald. I find the handling of module rather comfortable: it lets the editor choose so called media atom from a media pool and insert them into CKEditor either by drag’n’drop, or by using the ‘insert’ funtionality of Scald. The module comes along […]

Drupal: SCALD modal window loading problem [solved]

The SCALD modal window ‘loading’ wasn’t loading. It took a couple of days (hours) and an embarassing long discussion on drupal.org to find the error – which was not an error. It was ‘just’ a problem of re-declaring something, that was already declared before. The short version: “The WYSIWYG module was detected. Using both modules […]