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How to add a Caption to the Featured Image in WordPress

WordPress: Featured Image Caption

Featured Image Caption in WordPress - Pgoto/Screenshot: T.Bortels/cpu20.com

With most themes WordPress makes it really easy to add a featured image to an article / a post or a page. But although the image caption is often added correctly to inline images, it is often missing from featured images. So how can you add a Caption to the Featured Image in WordPress easily? […]

How to check your WordPress Version easily

Sometimes you want to install a new theme or upgrade a plugin and then you might be wondering – what wordpress version is my website actually running on? When did I update the last time? Is the theme / the plugin compatible to the version I use? You may also need your WordPress version when […]

WordPress: load PiWik statistics tracker script only for guests

Counting website visits with the open source tool PiWik is becoming more and more popular. PiWik is easy to install, easy to integrate with WordPress, Drupal, or any other CMS. The data reports can be self-hosted so they are all yours – and it’s free. The only thing about PiWik (and other website statistics tools) […]