rMBP HDMI to TV: Crazy Color Problem [solved]

MacBook Pro HDMI TV crazy colors

MacBook Pro connected to TV via HDMI shows 'crazy colors' - Photo/Screenshot: T.Bortels/cpu20

For a couple of years we had an iMac connected to our SONY Bravia TV via a HDMI cable, so we could watch DVDs and YouTube videos on the TV. Now we finally wanted to first time connect the rather new MacBook Pro to the TV – and were confronted with some nice looking problem: the colors went crazy.

Connecting the Retina 15″ MacBook Pro to the SONY Bravia via HDMI cable was easy. The rMBP has it’s own HDMI port – so all the adapters I was used to use with the iMac suddenly weren’t needed anymore: plug’n’play HDMI fun. So the video signal found it’s way to the TV – but on the TV screen everything appeared in ‘crazy colors’. It looked as if the black and white tones were replaced by magenta / pink / purple and baby blue. Wow! How psychedelic! As if the TV now had a built in solarization filter

The internet seems to be full with suggestions what could help to solve this problem: from changing cables to color calibrating. But nothing of that helped to solve the problem. For us the solution was rather simple: the retina resolution of the MacBook Pro seems to be the ‘problem’ – providing a ‘wrong’ resolution to the TV set.

To solve this problem we did the following:

  • open the system preferences and go to
    > display
  • Then simply switch the resolution from 1360 x 768 to 1080i
  • optional: splitting the displays (uncheck “mirror displays”)

After that the crazyness was over and the colors shown on the TV set were behaving normal.

3 thoughts on “rMBP HDMI to TV: Crazy Color Problem [solved]

  1. newguineaislander

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve been scanning the internet and getting frustrated that nothing worked. Simple and quick! Thank you!

  2. Tyler

    Worked for me! So glad that I don’t have to replace a new connector. Pretty sure that Nvidia’s update was to blame for the issue.

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