Hello World! Hello CPU20!

Welcome to cpu20.com – a growing collection of everyday online business opportunities – and I’m not only refering to simply ‘making money online’ only – but also.

What do we mean when we say “everyday online business opportunities”? The answer is as simple as it is complex: everything. Everything online. To be a bit more precise: on this domain we will be talking business. Online business. Your possible online business opportunities.

We will also be talking about webspace, hosting, server configs and htaccess files. We will cover blogging systems and CMSs like wordpress and drupal, will have a look at coding html, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, but of course we will also be looking at how to buy or sell domains, how to use Google AdSense and other monetizing techniques. Further on we’ll have continuous look at optimizing our websites – and this does not only but also refer to search engine optimization (SEO).

Got it? Great. Well then – please fasten your seat belts and quit smoking. We wish you a pleasant stay on board. Greetz, t…

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