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How to check the execution time of a php script

You have the feeling your website is slow? Some process is taking too long, something is not loading fast enough? Of course, there might be a script or maybe just a few lines of php slowing it down – but which part of the script is it? If you are witnessing for example speed problems […]

How to check your WordPress Version easily

Sometimes you want to install a new theme or upgrade a plugin and then you might be wondering – what wordpress version is my website actually running on? When did I update the last time? Is the theme / the plugin compatible to the version I use? You may also need your WordPress version when […]

PHP array_multisort – sorting a multi-dimensional array as you like

I successfully avoided this subject for quite a while – but now I finally wanted to know: how do I sort a multi-dimensional array in PHP to my personal preferences? The quick answer is: with the nady little PHP function called array_multisort. Why / When do I need to sort a multi-dimensional array? Good question. […]

WordPress: load PiWik statistics tracker script only for guests

Counting website visits with the open source tool PiWik is becoming more and more popular. PiWik is easy to install, easy to integrate with WordPress, Drupal, or any other CMS. The data reports can be self-hosted so they are all yours – and it’s free. The only thing about PiWik (and other website statistics tools) […]