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How to change a link href with jQuery

WordPress navigation: How to change a link href with jQuery

WordPress Navigation - screenshot T.Bortels/cpu20.com

Recently I had to dig a bit deeper into ways and options on how to change a link href dynamically with jQuery. It’s not really the most beautiful thing one can do, but it can help sometimes to solve problems you never expected to be problems in the first place. The situation was like this: […]

CSS: How to jump to a differing anchor-position (vertical offset)


jump-anchor-offset - illustration / image by T.Bortels/cpu20.com

The initial question was: how to jump to an anchor, but have a vertical offset of x pixels? Anchors are somthing like reptiles of webdesign – they are basically dinosaurs, but they’re still here. And they are here for a good reason: anchor links are easy to use and they do their job. You just […]

jquery: how to unwrap text if a link href is corrupt (“un-link”)

Sometimes you may need to unwrap some text from an html element – with jQuery you can do it even after the document is already rendered. Over the years the free JavaScript library jQuery has become very popular among both web designers and web developers. For some it es something like the Swiss Army Knife […]