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How to create a Child Theme for WordPress in Minutes

When you are creating a WordPress website, I would recommend you create and install the appropriate WordPress Child Theme right from the start. There are of course lots of WordPress Themes you can use as they are – well designed, fully functioning. Many so called Premium Themes offer a broad variety of different options to […]

CSS: How to jump to a differing anchor-position (vertical offset)


jump-anchor-offset - illustration / image by T.Bortels/cpu20.com

The initial question was: how to jump to an anchor, but have a vertical offset of x pixels? Anchors are somthing like reptiles of webdesign – they are basically dinosaurs, but they’re still here. And they are here for a good reason: anchor links are easy to use and they do their job. You just […]

CSS Hyphenation – Word Division by Syllable with ‘hyphens’

Hyphenation with css – Word Division by Syllable with hyphens

Web design is still a totally different thing than book or print design. The options to actually controll the look and feel are still quite limit, to say the least. But slowly online typography is becoming more and more interesting, more and more options are available. Browsers are able to display webfonts and css offers […]

WordPress: jacking up the sub-menu and styling it

You probably very well know the sub-menu that is “flying-out” from the main navigation on hover.  Many free WordPress Themes are equipped with that rollover-sub-menu and while it may be a nice thing to have, sometimes you want to style it in peace and quiet. And that can be difficult, since it is usually hidden […]

Desaturate pictures with CSS (Grayscale-Color-Hover-Effect)

CSS Hover Effect for pictures: Grayscale Color change

Change between Grayscale and Color image with a nifty CSS hover effect - Photo/montage: T.Bortels/cpu20

Hover effects are sometime overused – but when done right they can be a useful detail, having a positive effect on the webdesign and the overall user experience by simply highlighting clickable images on hover. Here is a short introduction how to implement a Grayscale-Color-Hover-Effect for the images on your website. Introduction If you wanted […]

Drupal CKEditor Custom Text Styles

Usually you should be able to add the ‘Styles’ button to your prefered CKEditor Profile by drag’n’drup in the ‘appearance’ section of the corresponding CKEditor profile. Then you could customize the ckeditor.styles.js which should be located in sites/all/mytheme/ckeditor.styles.js –– BUT there is an incompatibility between jQuery and the CKEditor Profile editor. So in order to […]

make container / parent div the height of contained / child divs

Having floating divs not stretching the parent container to their full height is re-occurring problem in daily webdesign business. And since I’m looking for a solution every now and then, I decided to finally write down the easiest solution that I could find looking for “make container div the height of contained divs”. Here we […]