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Interspire Email Marketer: how to avoid accidental unsubscribe

I know, there are many Newsletter Tools out there: from WordPress plugins to free online services – basically you wouldn’t need to buy a Newsletter tool if you just want to send out some newsletter every now or then. But then there are also websites with other demands – and those demands may call for a professional tool.

My tool-of-choice is the so called Email Marketer be Interspire. It’s a rather complex system, but it’s flexible and reliable – yet affordable. I like it – and as far as I know many of my clients like it too.

The pre-defined variables are one great feature in Interspire’s Email Marketer. Adding the unsubscribe-variable / short code “%unsubscribelink%” enables users to unsubscribe from the newsletter mailing list with just one click. That is great – but sometimes one click is not enough – or actually just a little bit ‘too much’ convenience. So you might want to make that two clicks, to avoid unintended accidental unsubscriptions.

Adding an additional step to the one-click-undsubscribe-function to make it a two-click-unsubscribe is not as easy as 1-2-3 –– but it is very well possible. All you basically need to do is add a variable to the variable “unsubscribelink” and twist the “unsubscribe.php” a little bit – that means adding about 2-3-4 lines of code to to the “unsubscribe.php” like this:

$this_url = explode("&ok",$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

if ((sizeof($this_url)>1)&&($_GET['ok']=="ok")) {

// here goes the 'regular' unsubscribe code 

} else { 


$signoff = $_GET['ok'];

$this_url = explode("&ok",$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

$this_url = $this_url[0];


Are you sure you want to be unsubscribed from the list?
<a href="<?PHP echo($this_url); ?>&ok=ok">YES, take me off the list</a>

<?PHP } ?>

So in the “unsubscribe.php” I first check the URL for the variable “ok” – and if it’s set to “ok” then I continue with the unsubsribe-process. If the variable is however not set to “ok” yet, then I show a link so that the user can confirm his/her un-subscription by clicking that link. This has reduced the amount of unwanted unsubscriptions by nearly 100%. Yay!

Ha! Update: here is also an even easier fix for that problem:

Fancybox with fancy title but without tooltip

Yes: it’s possible to have a fancybox with a fancy title but without the tooltip. You can even style the title, that will be shown in the modal window / popup layer without making the roll-over tool tip look wired. How? Here is how:

Usually you would put the “image caption” (or the actual image title) in the title tag. the problem might be, that the title tag is shown on rollover – and if you would like to style your image caption, then things can look funny. In the following example the “made in 2008” is supposed to be displayed in italic – but the tooltip would reveal the html tags:

“The Title of the Image <i>made in 2008</i>”

Now instead of placing the image caption inside the title tag, you can actually use the alt tag, remove the title tag and give your fancybox code the following little detail:

‘titleFromAlt’    : true

Then the alt tag of the image will be used for generating the title inside the modal window. That’s all..

This is basically just another “note to self” — but I hope you find the information useful anyways. If you’d like to have a more detailed description on how to use fancybox titles without the tooltip, then just drop me a line in the comments…

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