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WordPress: jacking up the sub-menu and styling it

You probably very well know the sub-menu that is “flying-out” from the main navigation on hover.  Many free WordPress Themes are equipped with that rollover-sub-menu and while it may be a nice thing to have, sometimes you want to style it in peace and quiet. And that can be difficult, since it is usually hidden […]

Desaturate pictures with CSS (Grayscale-Color-Hover-Effect)

CSS Hover Effect for pictures: Grayscale Color change

Change between Grayscale and Color image with a nifty CSS hover effect - Photo/montage: T.Bortels/cpu20

Hover effects are sometime overused – but when done right they can be a useful detail, having a positive effect on the webdesign and the overall user experience by simply highlighting clickable images on hover. Here is a short introduction how to implement a Grayscale-Color-Hover-Effect for the images on your website. Introduction If you wanted […]

make container / parent div the height of contained / child divs

Having floating divs not stretching the parent container to their full height is re-occurring problem in daily webdesign business. And since I’m looking for a solution every now and then, I decided to finally write down the easiest solution that I could find looking for “make container div the height of contained divs”. Here we […]