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Dedicated Hosting: good reasons to rent a Server

Dedicated Web Hosting: Web Server alley at All-Inkl

Dedicated Web Hosting: Web Server alley at All-Inkl – Photo / Copyright: ALL-INKL.COM

It’s not a secret: I do like Dedicated Hosting – and so we do rent a server – and not just server space. We have a so called Managed Server on which we run all our and our clients’ websites And we are very happy with it. because to me first of all renting a […]

How to check the execution time of a php script

You have the feeling your website is slow? Some process is taking too long, something is not loading fast enough? Of course, there might be a script or maybe just a few lines of php slowing it down – but which part of the script is it? If you are witnessing for example speed problems […]

PHP array_multisort – sorting a multi-dimensional array as you like

I successfully avoided this subject for quite a while – but now I finally wanted to know: how do I sort a multi-dimensional array in PHP to my personal preferences? The quick answer is: with the nady little PHP function called array_multisort. Why / When do I need to sort a multi-dimensional array? Good question. […]