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rMBP HDMI to TV: Crazy Color Problem [solved]

MacBook Pro HDMI TV crazy colors

MacBook Pro connected to TV via HDMI shows 'crazy colors' - Photo/Screenshot: T.Bortels/cpu20

For a couple of years we had an iMac connected to our SONY Bravia TV via a HDMI cable, so we could watch DVDs and YouTube videos on the TV. Now we finally wanted to first time connect the rather new MacBook Pro to the TV – and were confronted with some nice looking problem: […]

Free VPN Services vs. Security

I recently (again) did a quick research on free VPN services. My prefered setup would have been a free browser plug-in based VPN that wouldn’t require registration. I would basically just need a VPN-Service to check some websites that seem to have different content, according to the country it is accessed from. Why do I […]

Interspire Email Marketer: how to avoid accidental unsubscribe

I know, there are many Newsletter Tools out there: from WordPress plugins to free online services – basically you wouldn’t need to buy a Newsletter tool if you just want to send out some newsletter every now or then. But then there are also websites with other demands – and those demands may call for […]

Hello World! Hello CPU20!

Welcome to – a growing collection of everyday online business opportunities – and I’m not only refering to simply ‘making money online’ only – but also. What do we mean when we say “everyday online business opportunities”? The answer is as simple as it is complex: everything. Everything online. To be a bit more […]