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What is Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting?

Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting

What is Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting? – Photo 'New servers' CC BY-SA 2.0 by Dominic Hargreaves

Renting a web server can appear to be difficult – at least making the decision, what server to rent. First you will probably have to decide, what ‘size’ the server should be – and what kind. Do you want to rent a Virtual Server or a Dedicated Server? And what does this even mean? I […]

How to: Google Image Search on iPhone

How to: Google Image Search on iPhone

How to: Google Image Search on iPhone - Photo / montage T.Bortels/

Google Image Search is great for finding images of all kinds – it just works well. And of course Google Image Search works also pretty well on an iPhone. But people seem to miss that they can use Google Image Search on an iPhone almost just as they use it in a regular desktopn browser. […]

Let’s define Content Marketing and what it means to you and your business

define content marketing

Define Content Marketing - screeshot/montage T.Bortels/

Is this going to be yet another definition of what Content Marketing actually is? Not quite so. There are indeed enough websites out there that try to define Content Marketing. But do these definitions really help to understand, what Content Marketing is? And what it means to you and your business? It very well depends […]

Avoid 404 errors – find broken links and repair them

When you are building a new website from scratch, all links should of course first work just fine. There is basically now reason – or let’s rather say no excuse for broken links in a fresh setup. All internal and external links should be checked and there should be not a single broken link on […]

Email “Domain availability notice” – what to do?

When you own a domain, chances are that every now and then you will receive an email with the subject “Domain X availability notice”. Sometimes there is also the domain name in the subject line “Domain X” and the sender sometimes is named “Domain Available Info” or the like. And sometimes there are even several […]

rMBP HDMI to TV: Crazy Color Problem [solved]

MacBook Pro HDMI TV crazy colors

MacBook Pro connected to TV via HDMI shows 'crazy colors' - Photo/Screenshot: T.Bortels/cpu20

For a couple of years we had an iMac connected to our SONY Bravia TV via a HDMI cable, so we could watch DVDs and YouTube videos on the TV. Now we finally wanted to first time connect the rather new MacBook Pro to the TV – and were confronted with some nice looking problem: […]